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Donaghys Telecommunications Product Range includes

  • Sub Surface Telecommunications Hauling Products
  • Mechanical and Specialty Hauling Braids
  • Total Solution Components complete with in-house splicing services

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Industrial Safety

Donaghys has an extensive range of ropes for industrial and safety applications including; arboriculture, height safety, rescue, military/tactical, theatrical rigging, wire replacement and shipping.

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Leisure Marine

Donaghys have a long pedigree in the manufacture of technical marine braids dating back to our origins in 1876, performing in the world’s most rigorous conditions and race formats.  With the integration of Donaghys and Southern Ocean brands and products, we now have the finest Leisure Marine range available.  Our brochure contains information on:

  • Construction - cores and covers
  • High performance range
  • Cruising range
  • Dinghy range
  • Mooring
  • General braids

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Mussel Ropes

Donaghys complete range of ropes cover every area of Mussel farming.

  • Spat collection and grow out ropes
  • Backbone ropes
  • Lashings and snoods

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Packaging Twines

Donaghys offers a range of packaging twines and lashings, from the small household requirements of our boxed cotton, jute and polyester strings, to the commercial applications of strong sisal and superfilm lashings. Donaghys have a product to meet all demands.

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Leisure Marine Breakload Chart

New Rope Tensile Strengths (breakload) as stated are based on the manufacturer's standard test methods.  Rope strength can be expected to decrease with use and age.

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Leisure Marine Application Chart

The Leisure Marine Application Chart highlights which products are best suited to particular applications.

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Leisure Marine Fibre Characteristics Chart

The Leisure Marine Fibre Characteristics Chart highlights the particular qualities of the various fibres used in the construction of Donaghys Leisure Marine range.

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