Lifebuoy Cabinets

Donaghys Life Buoy Cabinets are designed for easy access to lifesaving equipment in any coastal, marine, boating or industrial environment.

Life Buoy Cabinet

Donaghys' Life Buoy Cabinets are sold in complete units supplied with a removable cover, encapsulated floating line holder and 30 metres of 8mm braided floating heaving line (Life Buoy not included).

  • 30 metre braided line (8mm diameter) with clip, suitable for attaching to life buoys and life rings
  • Cabinet can store both the 30 inch and 24 inch round Life Buoy rings with the Encapsulated Floating Line Holder paddle.
  • Removable lid protects the lifesaving equipment against vandalism, theft and the elements
  • Housings can be screwed direct to a wall or fence or mounted using galvanised mounting pole