Whipping & Polynets

Donaghys provide all products required for the sub surface hauling process including lashings, whipping twine and heat sealed bags to cover whipping and tie off applications.

Nylon Waxed Whipping Line

Donaghys Nylon Waxed Whipping twine is wax impregnated to bind, sew and protect for high strength whipping.

  • 470 tex
  • Telstra item code: 675/00043

Polynet Bunch Heat Sealed Bags

Donaghys Polynet Bunch Heat Sealed Bags (otherwise known as Onion bags) are manufactured from Polyethylene and sealed at one end for wire separation at junctions.

  • Red colour
  • 5000 per carton
  • Telstra item code: 438/00053