With over 140 years experience, Donaghys' offer a world class range of natural and synthetic ropes from exclusive supply partnerships where products are engineered to our specifications around the world. From Sisal and Manila to Polyester and Nylon, be it for mining or fishing, construction or commercial, whatever the need, whatever the industry requirement, make Donaghys your first port of call.

The products below are our 3 strand rope range. For 8 strand or 12 strand ropes, see products in the Marine - Shipping Rope section.

Manila Rope

Donaghys Manila Rope is manufactured from fibres obtained from the leaves of the Abaca plant (Musa textilis). Manila is the stongest of the natural fibres and results in hard wearing, low stretch, general purpose ropes which are superior to Sisal in their resistance to weathering, fungal attack and moisture.  Manila rope is best suited to use in marine applications, shipping, mining and particularly industrial lifting.

  • Stronger and softer feel than sisal
  • Natural and Biodegradable
  • 3 strand rope
  • Non conductive

Sisal Rope

Donaghys' Sisal rope is manufactured from fibres obtained from the leaves of the Agave Sisalana plant. Sisal is a tough, versatile natural fibre and is ideal for general purpose ropes used in mining, trucking and general industrial applications. Sisal Ropes are strong, tough and economical.

  • Natural and Biodegradable
  • 3 strand rope
  • Non conductive
  • Easily spliced and knotted

Polypropylene Rope

Donaghys' Polypropylene ropes are strong, highly abrasion resistant ropes. These ropes are easy to work and knot, are UV treated and have good weathering properties. Ideally suited to; marine, construction, mining, trucking, rural, commercial, fishing, petroleum and general industrial applications.

  • 3 strand rope
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Excellent handling and splicing properties
  • Versatile for use in most applications

Aquatec Rope

Donaghys' Aquatec Rope is manufactured from a Polypropylene/ Polyethylene crushed mono yarn blend in 3 strand construction with optimal lay for higher strength, excellent abrasion resistance and splicing. Aquatec Rope is ideally suited to applications of marine fishing and heavy industrial use where reliability is key.  Beware of imitations, Aquatec Rope has a distinctive Green with Gold mark colouring.

  • 3 strand & 8 strand ropes
  • PP/PE blend combines the best of each fibre characteristics of abrasion resistance, strength and shock load resistance
  • High strength and UV resistant

Silver PE Rope

Donaghys' Silver ropes are manufactured using a special Polyethylene (PE) extrusion process which gives the rope superior strength and a distinctive hairy appearance which enhances wear resistance and knotting performance.  Silver rope is strong and versatile with excellent handling properties.  Ideally suited to general and industrial applications, particularly in the marine industries where high resistance to abrasion and floating buoyancy are advantageous.

  • Tape based construction enhances strength, abrasion and handling properties
  • 3 strand Polyethylene rope
  • Floats in water
  • Available in soft and medium lays for superior splicing efficiency

Polyester Rope

Donaghys' Polyester Rope is manufactured from Polyester fibre, the second strongest of conventional man-made fibres behind Nylon.  This rope has good strength, easy handling, coiling and knotting along with excellent abrasion resistance.  Polyester Rope is ideally suited to a wide range of general and industrial applications, including safety lines in the Height Safety sector.

  • 3 strand and plaited ropes
  • Soft feel and easy handling
  • Excellent abrasion and UV resistance
  • Low creep under load
  • Available in easy splice soft or medium lay

Nylon Rope - 3 Strand

Donaghys' Nylon Rope is manufactured from Nylon fibre, the strongest of conventional man-made fibres. This rope has good strength, high extension and recovery, easy handling, along with good abrasion resistance.  Nylon rope is ideally suited to a wide range of general and industrial applications.

  • 3 strand rope
  • Good strength and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Soft feel and easy handling

8 Strand Nylon Rope

Donaghys 8 strand nylon rope is heatset and will hold it's shape and size to ensure hassle free anchoring.  It flakes well into anchor wells and is much easier to stow than 3 strand anchor ropes. 

  • High strength and good abrasion resistance
  • Heat set for good dimensional stability
  • Low water absorption
  • Nylon stretches, evening out load on anchors, making them less prone to dragging or releasing
  • Soft feel, easy handling
  • Coils and knots well

PP Mini Coils

Donaghys PP Mini Coils are soft, yet strong 3 strand Polypropylene ropes packaged in convenient lengths for handy domestic and DIY applications.

  • Strength with excellent knotting
  • Bright colours
  • 20 metres in each coil
  • 5 coils per pack (mixed colours)