Factory Splicing & Terminations

Donaghys provide our Australian customers with a survey form with the requirements of any hauling job. Once you have set the parameters, we can provide you with all the available "Best Fit" options for the job at hand.

We can splice, add termination fittings and custom pack to your requirements. Donaghys are proud to offer an in-house splicing service available on all our Rope and Cordage products, delivered to you in cardboard cartons or reeled onto timber cable drums. Whether you require a 5 Tonne or 500 Tonne Hauling System, Donaghys Answer Your Haul!

Contact your local Donaghys Territory Manager for more information.

Machine Splicing

For the firmest and most compact splice available, Donaghys can splice products on the braiding machine for custom rope requirements.

Soft Eye Splice Applications

  • Flexible soft eye which can be tailored for inner eye sizing
  • All rope constructions i.e. 3 strand, 8, 12, 16 and 24 plait can be spliced

Standard Thimble Eye Splice

  • With open "V" available in galvanised steel, stainless steel or nylon
  • Strengthens and protects spliced eye against abrasion
  • Light applications e.g. anchor ropes

Tubed Steel Thimble

  • Hard eye fitting which holds and protects rope in tubing around thimble
  • Fittings available to suit varying rope diameters

Captive Thimble Eye & Gusseted Tube Thimble

  • Captive thimble eye has welded "V"
  • Both suited to heavy duty applications
  • Captive thimble retains synthetic ropes within thimble under high loads and allows unrestricted use of heavier fittings e.g. shackles and rings
  • Gusset prevents the expansion or distortion of thimble under high loads, but reduces the size of connecting fitting that can be used

Endless Spliced Grommet

  • A flexible continuous rope join primarily for 12 strand ropes
  • Join to be positioned between bearing point and load
  • Realises 1.6 times strength of braid tensile

Tube Webbing & Chafe Guard Serving

  • Available for soft eye covering or both eyes and full body
  • Protects from grit which can cause internal or external damage through abrasion
  • Applying to eye gives added life by protecting at the bearing point

Extra Heavy Duty Towing Strop

  • Completed 80mm x 3m
  • Manufactured from Ocean12 Dyneema SK75® Urethane coated
  • Tensile strength 419.4 Tons
  • Fitted with a 96mm marine grade cast steel galvanised captive thimble each end
  • The body of the strop is covered with a rubber tube for added protection to reduce abrasion and prevent penetration of debris into the rope fibres

Wooden Reel or Timber Cable Drum

  • Winch line delivered to a customer in this form, allows for easy rewinding  onto their winch drum
  • Also protects line against damage during transport

Eye Sling with Safety Latch

  • This fitting is usually used in conjunction with a steel captive thimble in dragline applications (mining and heavy industry)

End Whipping

It is important that a whipping be put on any bare end of rope in order to prevent the unlaying and fraying of the strands.