Mooring & Docklines

To secure your most valued asset, you want a mooring system you can trust - Donaghys Docklines.  Constructed to offer high strength and good elasticity, Donaghys mooring systems provide good looking rope that will not fade or discolour and offer long service life with excellent abrasion resistance. 

Donaghys also provide a range of 3 strand Silver PE (Polyethylene) anchor packs in a variety of sizes and lengths. All anchor packs are pre-spliced with a minimum of 4 tucks which ensures reliability.  Each anchor pack comes with a Stainless Steel thimble in one end.


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Flexline 12 Dock line

Donaghys Flexline is an attractive 12 strand black Polyester docking braid with an abrasion protective coating.  Hollow in construction, this braid is highly efficient and simple to splice.

  • Equivalent wet/dry strength, does not shrink
  • Highly efficient and simple to splice
  • Soft feel torque and kink resistant
  • UV and abrasion resistant


Donaghys Dockline is a mooring line that combines the dynamic stretch and strength characteristics in the Nylon core with the abrasion resistance and colour stability of Polyester in the jacket, making this the perfect mooring rope for any marine craft.

  • High strength shock absorbing Nylon core
  • Hard wearing colour fast High Tenacity Polyester jacket
  • Braid remains soft and supple in long term use
  • For mooring, docking or anchoring

Dock Line Prepack

Donaghys Nylon Dock lines have a water resistant coating to prevent strength loss that occurs when wet. Higher twisting of yarns and strands produces a denser, rounder rope with high abrasion resistance that is less likely to snag. Controlled manufacturing ensures a line that is well balanced, torque free and won't unlay under heavy loading.

  • Convenient pre pack in 4.6m, 7.5m and 10.7m length options
  • Includes spliced eye
  • High strength shock absorbing nylon core
  • Braid remains soft and supple in long term use
  • For use as a mooring or anchor rope

Anchor Pack PE Silver Rope

Donaghys PE Silver Rope Anchor Pack is a 3 strand Polyethylene anchor pack, complete with Stainless Steel thimble in one end. This anchor rope comes pre-spliced with a minimum of 4 tucks to ensure reliability.

  • Floating anchor warp
  • Economical
  • 6mm - 12mm in 50m packs, 8mm - 12mm in 110m packs.

Polyester Rope

Donaghys' Polyester Rope is manufactured from Polyester fibre, the second strongest of conventional man-made fibres behind Nylon.  This rope has good strength, extension, easy handling, coiling and knotting along with excellent abrasion resistance.  Polyester Rope is ideally suited to a wide range of general and industrial applications, including safety lines in the Height Safety sector.

  • 3 strand and plaited ropes
  • Soft feel and easy handling
  • Low stretch and excellent abrasion resistance
  • Available in easy splice soft or medium lay

8 Strand Nylon Rope

Donaghys 8 strand nylon rope is heatset and will hold it's shape and size to ensure hassle free anchoring.  It flakes well into anchor wells and is much easier to stow than 3 strand anchor ropes. 

  • High strength and good abrasion resistance
  • Heat set for good dimensional stability
  • Low water absorption
  • Nylon stretches, evening out load on anchors, making them less prone to dragging or releasing
  • Soft feel, easy handling
  • Coils and knots well