Telstra & Fibre Optic Rope

Donaghys provide all products required for the sub surface hauling process including our Fibre Optic Orange Braid and the Mega (Aquatec) and 3 Strand Parramatta Telstra ropes. 


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Certified Telstra Rope

Donaghys are the specified supplier under the Telstra rope contract. Our rope is manufactured to stringent quality standards and exceed the minimum criteria specified by Telstra in the contract. This rope is 6mm in diameter with 2 Blue and 1 Yellow strand and is used in either 400m or 500m coils.

There are many copy products which when tested do not meet the strength, weight, labelling or tangle free coil feed built into our product. BEWARE of non certified substitutes as use in Telstra work will void your contract if detected and will invoke warranty replacements.

  • Telstra approved product: Item code 675/00294
  • Tangle free uncoiling to coil end, no waste
  • App Break Force 602 kg
  • Supplied in minimum pallet lots, 45 coils

3mm PP Mono Braid

Donaghys 3mm PP (Polypropylene) Mono Braid is a Telstra certified light rope used in Fibre Optic Cable installation into main ducts.

  • Much stronger than PE Mono Substitutes
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Braided construction handles well
  • Easily spliced
  • App Break Force of 90kg
  • Available in orange in 1000m reel
  • Telstra item code: 675/00083

4mm PP Aquatec Rope

Donaghys 4mm PP/PE (Polypropylene/Polyethylene) Aquatec Rope is a medium rope used for small to medium cables into main ducts at 100mm I.D.

  • 3 strand construction with 1000m continuous length
  • Packaged on easy use flange reels
  • App Break Force of 200kg
  • Available in green

Aquatec Ropes

Aquatec ropes are manufactured from Donaghys developed PP/PE crushed mono yarn blend then 3 stranded with the optimal lay for higher strength, excellent abrasion resistance and splicing. Ideally suited to applications of marine fishing and heavy industrial use where reliability is key.  Beware of imitations, Donaghys Aquatec rope has a distinctive Green with Gold mark colouring.

  • 3 strand & 8 strand ropes
  • PP/PE blend combines the best of each fibre characteristics of abrasion resistance, strength and shock load resistance
  • High strength and UV resistant