From Donaghys beginnings as a small rope works in 1876, we have had a long history with providing ropes to the shipping industry.  Today, Donaghys' shipping range includes 8 strand and 12 strand options in a full range of fibres to meet the most vigorous demands of this industry.

Chafe Protection


Chafe-Pro® provides chafe protection for mooring, anchor, towing and ship assist lines. Chafe-Pro® Eye Units are designed for ease of application and removal. In just a few minutes, a single person can remove or install an Eye Unit. It can be installed or removed from the eye without having to undo the splice. 

  • Easy application and removal
  • No lacing or lashing of lines is required due to a special locking feature
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High UV and mildew resistance
  • Eye units are coated to aid in holding the nylon weave together in areas where the chafing gear is stressed most by friction

Shipping Ropes

Aquatec & Tiger Mooring Rope

Donaghys Aquatec and Tiger Mooring lines are made from a blend of compatible Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) fibres, specially processed to combine the key features of each individual fibre to produce a multiplait shipping rope with great strength and abrasion characteristics.

  • 1.8m eye splice in each end
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Shock load resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Lloyds certification

Polyester Mooring Rope

Donaghys Polyester Mooring Ropes are high tenacity, hard wearing lines that have equivalent wet/dry strength and excellent UV resistance. These lines are a popular alternative to traditional 8 strand polypropylene ropes.  Available in 8 strand or 12 strand options.

  • 75% stronger than standard 8 strand PP square ropes
  • 1.8m eye splice each end (40mm+)
  • Excellent wear and high abrasion resistance
  • Torque free
  • Balanced and easy handling
  • GL certification provided with each coil

Nylon Mooring Rope

Donaghys Nylon mooring lines are strong and durable and have been popular in the marine industry over many years. With high strength and good wear properties, Nylon ropes are the preferred choice for high energy absorbing applications. Flexible handling ropes are especially used for peak dynamic loads during mooring and towing operations.

  • Shock absorbent
  • 1.8m covered eye each end
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Torque free
  • Balanced and easy handling
  • GL certification provided with each coil

Aquaflex Mooring Rope

Donaghys Aquaflex mooring lines provide the key features of Polyester abrasion, UV resistance with high strength coupled with the economic balance of Polypropylene fibre to provide a high performance low cost mooring rope with neutral buoyancy.

  • 1.8m eye splice in each end
  • Equivalent wet/dry strength
  • Excellent abrasion against internal and external friction
  • Excellent resistance to frictional heat damage
  • Excellent shock load absorption yielding low snapback at break
  • GL certification provided with each coil