Aquaculture & Fishing

With the dynamic growth of the mussel industry, innovative growing and harvesting techniques, coupled with state of the art processing procedures, Donaghys have ensured their mussel rope development is supplying international Mussel farmers with the technologically advanced products to meet their increasing demands. Donaghys Xmas Tree ropes are manufactured in distinct styles, straight or looped, weighted and in aqua or black.

All ropes are treated with a UV stabiliser to help protect the rope from weathering. A range of high strength, high abrasion resistant ropes have been developed to meet the rigors of the marine industry including Aquasteel, a rope with the performance advantages of steel, without compromising the handling characteristics. These new innovative products deliver to the industry a reliability you can trust.


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Backbone Rope

Aquasteel Rope

  • Proven in Mussel Farming for over 20 years
  • Designed in conjunction with Mussel Farmers
  • Stronger than standard polypropylene ropes by up to 20%
  • High abrasion resistance
  • New construction to improve abrasion and durability

Mussel Lashings

Mussel Lashing

  • Made of polypropylene to reduce wear on Backbones
  • Full range of sizes available
  • UV stabilised
  • Soft, yet strong
  • Available in spools or pre-tied snoods

Spat Collection & Grow Out Ropes

Open Water Crop Rope

  • Designed specifically for open water mussel farming
  • 18 months development and field trials
  • Special Aqua trim reduces Bio fouling
  • Fibtrim allows multiple attachment points
  • Highest loop density available
  • Fully balanced construction

Aqualoop Crop Rope

  • Cost effective brother to Open Water
  • Ideal for high tidal areas
  • Special Aqua trim reduces Bio fouling
  • ‘Fibtrim’ allows multiple attachment points
  • Fully balanced construction

Super Xmas Tree Rope

  • Ideal for sheltered waters
  • Straight trim reduces crop damage during harvest
  • Economical construction
  • High quality UV stabilised yarn
  • Fully balanced construction

Hatchery Rope

  • Braided 8 strand polypropylene with abraided surface attachment points and weighted core
  • Excellent spat collection and retention
  • Easily transportable from hatchery
  • Easily stripped with minimal spat damage
  • Internally weighted core
  • Proven in world leading hatcheries