Climbing & Access Line

Donaghys has worked closely alongside certified Arborists and champion tree climbers to develop a range of arbour ropes you can hang your life on.  Donaghys Arboriculture range includes climbing lines, access lines, prusik lines, rigging, lowering and crane lines.  The range has been certified to both Australian and International standards, developed off US benchmarks. 

All Donaghys climbing and safety lines also meet the Arboriculture Approved Code of Practice. 

Feedback from the field :

 I like the Donaghys Arborist ropes. They last longer, the outer sheath is harder wearing, it's designed tougher and has less milking

- Chris Walsh, Treetech

I trust my life with Donaghys ropes and the lives of my emergency response teams

- Shayne O'Dwyer, Instructor & Rescue Technician, Holmesglen Institute of TAFE


Cougar Climbing Line

Donaghys Cougar is an 11.7mm high performance climbing line for use in sports climbing and professional Arborist applications.  A superior double braid with abrasion resistant HT Polyester cover for improved grip and handling. Ideal for use as an SRT line.

  • Will not milk when used with prusiks and traditional hitches
  • Light weight and flexible
  • Low stretch for excellent foot locking
  • Easy to splice with convenient double braid splice
  • Works well with hardware
  • Meets ANSI Z-133 standards

NRG Climbing Line

Donaghys NRG is a high performance 12mm 24 strand climbing line designed for use in sports climbing and professional Arborist applications. NRG is light weight with excellent knot holding abilities and allows easy access into trees with great foot locking capabilities.

  • Knobbly cover construction for easy handling
  • Excellent bend ratio
  • Kernmantle core construction
  • Works well with hardware
  • Meets ANSI Z-133 standards

ResponseXT Access Line

Response® safety and rescue lines have been designed with your ultimate safety in mind, certified to AS4142.3, ANSI Z-133 and EN1891 standards.  Donaghys Response® ropes allow quick access for any emergency.

  • Low stretch, high strength
  • Excellent knot holding
  • Highly visible in trees
  • Fully certified

Response Hotline

Response® Hotline braid is designed for use for access to areas with extremely high temperatures. Featuring a high performance KK Aramid cover which is more resistant to damage from sharp objects, abrasion and heat than all other types of LSK static ropes.

  • Treated and heat set for lower stretch
  • No strength loss when wet
  • Fully certified to EN1891 standards
  • Features certification tracer thread, coloured year of manufacture marker with batch coding on each spool

Response Dynamic Access Line

Donaghys' Response® Dynamic Access Line is a superb climbing and fall arrest line for industrial and rope systems use. This access rope is a nylon kernmantle braid and is certified to ensure safety and peace of mind in your application.

  • CE Certified
  • EN892:2012 approved
  • Stretches to absorb stresses of rapid loading which lessens the likelihood of injury or falls
  • Good handling characteristics
  • Excellent line for cow tails and lanyards