General braids

Donaghys provide a complete range of general braids and products for leisure marine applications.  From tying down to water sports to splicing kits, Donaghys have a product that will meet your requirements.

We are suppliers to one of the world's largest sailmakers.  Our consistent quality and service make us their first choice for braid and cord every time.


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Ski Braid

Donaghys Ski Braid is made from monofilament polyethylene and hollow in construction. Splicing is easy where the plait can be fed inside the hollow core and when tensioned the eye loop makes a soft handle of loop for lead fittings.

  • Light weight and does not absorb water
  • Floats
  • Easily spliced
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Ideal for use in water skiing, water sports and can be used as an animal lead rope

Synthetic Braids

Donaghys range of multi purpose synthetic braids are strong, lightweight and abrasion resistant.  They are suited to a wide variety of general purpose applications.

  • Smooth and textured polyester braids
  • Hard wearing HT polyester fibre in supple plait construction
  • Highly resistant to stretch, abrasion, UV degradation and discolouration
  • Applications include use as a blind draw cord, picture framing cord, tying lashing and lacing cord

Shock Cord

Donaghys Shock Cord is built to withstand the toughest environments.  Years of development have produced a quality engineered durable Shock Cord that will consistently allow better than 100% elongation and recovery making it ideal for marine and industrial applications.

  • Premium marine grade rubber core to ensure minimum 100% stretch characteristic
  • Long life wear resistance to abrasion and UV degradation
  • Not affected by water

Sash Cord

Donaghys Sash Cord is a general purpose braid of Solid Braid/Spiral Braid configuration providing excellent handling, knotting and non kink performance.  Sash Cords are available in Cotton and Polyester fibre constructions.

  • Multipurpose line / lashing
  • UV resistant
  • Suitable for outboard motor starter cords

Splicing Kits

Donaghys Splicing Kit gives you all the tools you need to create that perfect splice.  Complete with basic instructions to get you started.

  • Splicing kit for double braids
  • 5 splicing fids to splice from 6mm to 24mm
  • Wire fid pusher
  • Complete with full splicing instructions

GP Chafe Guard

GP Chafe Guard is a protective wear sleeve made from Stealth (UHMwPE) fibre.  Designed for protection of sheets and other ropes in high abrasion applications such as Halyard ends.

  • Protection of sheets and other ropes in high abrasion applications
  • Single cover braid
  • High UV resistance
  • Solution dyed, will not fade in colour