Donaghys are an integral supplier of all rope products to the Telco industry.  We are the sole Telstra Approved Contract supplier for Parramatta, Orange Fibre Optic, Jetlines and Cablemaster Lines along with the various lashings, cords and twines listed on the contract.

All products are built, labelled and tested to conform to the original Telstra designated standards for the products to perform optimally in the applications.  Donaghys' products are manufactured in ISO9001:2000 accredited facilities.

New fibre developments and the greater demands in hauling programs have enabled Donaghys to add to the Total Solution offer in hauling.  Ultra High Modulus fibres enable rope constructions of superior strength to wire rope in light weight, low stretch and long continuous lengths for custom built requirements.  Your total solution can be provided with custom fittings, spliced on specialty reels or bulk cartons to meet your requirements.

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Splicing Kits

Donaghys Splicing Kit gives you all the tools you need to create that perfect splice.  Complete with basic instructions to get you started.

  • Splicing kit for double braids
  • 5 splicing fids to splice from 6mm to 24mm
  • Wire fid pusher
  • Complete with full splicing instructions

Protective Coatings

Even the best balanced and highly engineered braids can benefit by the addition of protective coatings.  There are many benefits, the most significant being enhanced abrasion resistance.  Coatings can include colouration for identification and can alter the texture of a slippery fibre to provide greater interaction between cover and core.

  • Bindacoat and Urethane options
  • The impregnation of Bindacoat adds the dimensions of handling, wear resistance and fibre binding to the slippery texture of Spectra®
  • Urethane impregnation enhances the abrasion resistance of a braid by forming a protective barrier to the braid fibres beneath
  • Colouration can be added

Hot Knife Cutters with carry case

Donaghys hand held Hot Knife Cutters come with a Donaghys' carry case. In addition to the standard electronic model, we also have a cordless portable model that allows the user to maximise time on the job. The carry case includes a product manual, small spanner and wire brush. The Cordless model includes Lithium-ion rechargable battery and charger.

  • For use on synthetic ropes, twines and braids 
  • Cuts and seals low melting point synthetic fibres with ease
  • Blade reaches temperature within a few seconds
  • Not suitable on Natural, Vectran®, Kevlar® or PBO Zylon® fibres
  • Spare cutting blades available for long life use

Hot Knife Cutter - Bench model

This Hot Knife Cutter is designed for use on bench tops. The bench top model is suitable for continuous operation with fixed blade (working range 100mm) for quick and clean cutting and sealing of fine cords, braids and ropes.

  • For use on synthetic ropes, twines and braids
  • Cuts and seals low melting point synthetic fibres with ease
  • Not suitable on Natural, Vectran®, Kevlar® or PBO Zylon® fibres
  • 240 volt

Rope Measurer

Donaghys Rope Measurer accommodates rope and cordage from 6mm to 20mm in diameter.  The toothed Measuring Wheel and Stainless Steel Pressure Shoe assure uninterrupted NO SLIP contact with cordage.

  • Wall or bench mounted
  • Digital counter adds or subtracts
  • Resets to zero with one turn of knob
  • Conforms to Weights and Measures specifications

Mechanical Hauling

Cablemaster Hauling Braid

Donaghys Cablemaster braid is a 6mm Hauling braid designed in conjunction with Telstra Operations. 

  • High strength and abrasion resistant
  • Excellent handling
  • Parallel Polyester core with red intermediate jacket and white external cover
  • Red jacket is visual wear alert that external jacket is damaged and rope retirement is required
  • Min Break Force 1100 kg
  • Telstra item code: 675/301

Yachtmaster XS Double Braid

Hauling braid with balanced and harmonised core of HT Polyester.

  • Easy to splice, flexible sheetline
  • High jacket to core ratio assisting long life
  • Available in 4mm to 16mm diameter in 100m reels
  • 18mm to 32mm available upon request
  • White with Red, Green or Blue fleck colour options

Superspeed Hauling Braid

Hauling braid with minimal stretch easy splice 12 plait HMPE core.

  • Super hard wearing HT polyester jacket
  • Harmonised core/jacket construction minimises slippage and creep
  • Available in 2mm to 12mm in 100m reels, some diameters also available in 150m and 200m
  • Larger diameters and longer lengths available upon request

Superbraid Hauling Braid

A hauling braid with UHMwPE core with HT Polyester cover which provides high strength with minimum stretch and weight.

  • Anti-slip coating on core prevents core/cover slippage and protects core if cover is removed
  • Withstands shock loadings and accepts a tighter radius and knots better than Aramids
  • Available in 6mm to 12mm in 200m reels
  • 14mm and above available upon request

Cable Haul Braid

Donaghys Cable Haul Braid is a hauling braid with an abrasion resistant Polyester jacket over high tenacity Nylon core, giving excellent grip on the winch.  Jacket constructions assist resistance to ingress of foreign matter that could reduce life in use.

  • Double braid construction with excellent grip on winch
  • Fibre mix gives great shock absorption properties and maximises strength to size ratio
  • Break strength remains unchanged in wet or dry conditions
  • Spliced eyes each end for ease of deployment


Donaghys Winchline® is 8 times lighter and 70% stronger than Steel Wire rope. Coated with Donaghys Armorcoat, this braid has high abrasion resistance and can be customised with covers and fittings to suit specific applications.

  • Low stretch
  • High UV resistance
  • Floats and does not absorb water
  • High internal and external abrasion resistance
  • Virtually no recoil in the unlikely event of failure
  • Non rotational

Pull Line Lashings

Conduit Ezi-Blow/Ezi Pull Lines

Donaghys Pull lines are made from virgin Polypropylene for high strength and durability.  Used as Jetline/Mousing lines. 

  • Premium & Heavy options to suit your application
  • Pull from centre spools in self dispensing cartons for tangle free deployment of lashing
  • 2240 tex with 1830m spool per carton with approx breaking strength of 90kg
  • 4500 tex with 950m spool per carton with approx breaking strength of 163k

Telstra & Fibre Optic Rope

Certified Telstra Rope

Donaghys are the specified supplier under the Telstra rope contract. Our rope is manufactured to stringent quality standards and exceed the minimum criteria specified by Telstra in the contract. This rope is 6mm in diameter with 2 Blue and 1 Yellow strand and is used in either 400m or 500m coils.

There are many copy products which when tested do not meet the strength, weight, labelling or tangle free coil feed built into our product. BEWARE of non certified substitutes as use in Telstra work will void your contract if detected and will invoke warranty replacements.

  • Telstra approved product: Item code 675/00294
  • Tangle free uncoiling to coil end, no waste
  • App Break Force 602 kg
  • Supplied in minimum pallet lots, 45 coils

3mm PP Mono Braid

Donaghys 3mm PP (Polypropylene) Mono Braid is a Telstra certified light rope used in Fibre Optic Cable installation into main ducts.

  • Much stronger than PE Mono Substitutes
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Braided construction handles well
  • Easily spliced
  • App Break Force of 90kg
  • Available in orange in 1000m reel
  • Telstra item code: 675/00083

4mm PP Aquatec Rope

Donaghys 4mm PP/PE (Polypropylene/Polyethylene) Aquatec Rope is a medium rope used for small to medium cables into main ducts at 100mm I.D.

  • 3 strand construction with 1000m continuous length
  • Packaged on easy use flange reels
  • App Break Force of 200kg
  • Available in green

Aquatec Ropes

Aquatec ropes are manufactured from Donaghys developed PP/PE crushed mono yarn blend then 3 stranded with the optimal lay for higher strength, excellent abrasion resistance and splicing. Ideally suited to applications of marine fishing and heavy industrial use where reliability is key.  Beware of imitations, Donaghys Aquatec rope has a distinctive Green with Gold mark colouring.

  • 3 strand & 8 strand ropes
  • PP/PE blend combines the best of each fibre characteristics of abrasion resistance, strength and shock load resistance
  • High strength and UV resistant

Whipping & Polynets

Nylon Waxed Whipping Line

Donaghys Nylon Waxed Whipping twine is wax impregnated to bind, sew and protect for high strength whipping.

  • 470 tex
  • Telstra item code: 675/00043

Polynet Bunch Heat Sealed Bags

Donaghys Polynet Bunch Heat Sealed Bags (otherwise known as Onion bags) are manufactured from Polyethylene and sealed at one end for wire separation at junctions.

  • Red colour
  • 5000 per carton
  • Telstra item code: 438/00053