Donaghys have a long history of working hand in hand with all branches of the Armed Services to provide responsive static lines and technical solutions required in the most challenging environments. Our military range includes Static descent ropes, kinetic energy ropes and high visibility ropes, ensuring we have a product for a variety of different applications in the field.

High Visibility Ropes

Hi Viz Rescue Line

Donaghys Hi Viz Rescue Line is highly visible for military and rescue applications. The braids are strong and light weight and the twisted core construction ensures easy flaking and deployment from a throw bag or valise. 

  • Strong and light weight
  • Floats in water with no water absorption
  • Easy flaking and deployment from throw bag or valise
  • Available in bright Gold colour with an option for reflective marker for scenarios with minimal light

Kinetic Energy Tow Ropes

Military Ropes

Response Tactical Rope

Response® Tactical static braids feature a kernmantle, parallel nylon core with plaited nylon protective jacket.  Manufactured using a heat set pre shrink process to produce a safety line that delivers lower stretch with high strength. This rope is suitable for high speed rappelling.

  • Fully certified to AS4142.3, ANSI Z-133 and EN1981
  • Responsive and reliable
  • Supple for handling and stowage
  • Quick access and excellent knot holding
  • Features internal year of manufacture and standards marker yarns

Polyester Rope

Donaghys' Polyester Rope is manufactured from Polyester fibre, the second strongest of conventional man-made fibres behind Nylon.  This rope has good strength, easy handling, coiling and knotting along with excellent abrasion resistance.  Polyester Rope is ideally suited to a wide range of general and industrial applications, including safety lines in the Height Safety sector.

  • 3 strand and plaited ropes
  • Soft feel and easy handling
  • Excellent abrasion and UV resistance
  • Low creep under load
  • Available in easy splice soft or medium lay