Twines & Strings

Donaghys twines are manufactured from first grade raw materials and form complimentary ranging to our many Industrial, Marine, Packaging and Telecommunications clients. The twines are purpose specific and are packed appropriately for the application and market they are aligned to.


Shop Twines

Donaghys' have a range of soft cotton and natural Jute shop twines.  Available in pull from centre dispensing spools.

  • Natural fibre
  • Light weight
  • For tying, gardening and general purpose use


Donaghys Polystring is a synthetic polypropylene string, conveniently packaged for the consumer in small boxes for a variety of general applications.

  • Conveniently packaged for consumer
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Available at all good hardware stores

Nylon Waxed Whipping Line

Donaghys Nylon Waxed Whipping twine is wax impregnated to bind, sew and protect for high strength whipping.

  • 470 tex
  • Telstra item code: 675/00043

Boxed Cotton & Jute String

Donaghys' boxed string range includes Cotton and Jute string. These strings can be used for a variety of general purpose applications and are conveniently pre-packaged for the consumer. 

  • Convenient pre-packaged products
  • Natural fibre, biodegradable
  • Available at all good hardware stores
  • Not stocked in Australia