Whoopie Sling

Whoopie slings are ideal for lifting and rigging tasks including knotless rigging as the sling length adjusts around trees, poles or object without the need for knots. Knots create a weak point in the system.

Donaghys have three adjustable length options and three different fibre options to suit the strength requirements of the task.


  • 12mm size
  • 3 adjustable length options
  • 3 fibre options to suit strength requirements
  • Made to order
  • Lifting and rigging tasks
  • Knotless rigging
  • Easily adjustable load rated lifting sling
  • Fixed eye on one end with adjustable eye at other end
  • Bearing point lengths are adjustable to allow the perfect sling length to be used in any application by tailoring as required
  • Fewer slings required due to flexibility in adjustable sling
  • Lightweight 12 strand hollow braid
  • Differing strengths achieved by fibre type used