SLR Stable Braid

​Donaghys SLR Stable Braid is our latest rigging and lowering line. This Polyester double braid stays round under load, making it ideal for tree rigging applications. 


  • 12mm, 14mm and 16mm sizes
  • 200m and 500m lengths
  • Red (12mm), Blue (14mm) and Yellow (16mm)
  • Lowering line
  • Rigging line
  • Arboriculture
  • 100% High tenacity Polyester double braid
  • Stays round under load
  • Durable coating for excellent abrasion resistance
  • High strength and low stretch
  • Easy to splice
  • UV resistant
  • Runs smoothly through mechanical devices, blocks, pulleys, Port a Wraps, GRCS & bollards