Snakeskin Cover

In the snakeskin configuration, visible lines of each fibre type are distinctive and provide greater heat dissipation and adds grip when needed.  Ideally suited to Runner Tails and Sheets.

  • Aramid fibre adds grip and absorbs heat from friction
  • Technora® (dark grey fibre) offers superior abrasion and heat resistance, a step up from Aramid where general protection is required
  • 50% Each Aramid/Polyester or Technora®/Polyester Carrier Blended Jacket
  • Extremely hard wearing Aramid and Polyester cover prevents cover melting on winch drums
  • Prolongs rope life when used in highly abrasive applications
  • Ideally matched with a high performance PBO, Dyneema®, UHMwPE or Vectran® core